Caring for Cancer Carers


Caring for Cancer Carers

One-day course | 10:00am – 4.00pm


Are you caring for someone who has cancer? Would you like to share the challenges you’re facing and learn ways to cope better and manage your caring role?

This course introduces tools to help you to improve your own wellbeing and quality of life. It also offers practical help around things like dealing with appointments and speaking to healthcare professionals.
You’ll meet other carers and have the opportunity to share experiences and emotions in a safe space. And we’ll help to prevent isolation and loneliness by connecting you into all of the community activities that are currently available.

Together we’ll look at:

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  • Your challenges
  • Understanding and making sense of how you feel and how the person being cared for feels
  • Emotional barriers common in trauma and grief
  • Dealing with professional appointments
  • Grief process

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  • Communicating and expressing emotions
  • Coping with the unexpected
  • Resources
  • The importance of taking time out


Our courses are FREE and include all materials and travel expenses.

For more information visit our course FAQs and if you can’t find what you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Please see our privacy notice on how your information is being used and stored along with your rights regarding this.

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Course dates and locations

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  • This course is available on request

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