Free courses for unpaid cares

Take a look through our courses. If you find one that sounds like it’s for you, simply fill out the application form and we’ll be in touch.

Our courses are FREE and all include all materials and travel expenses.

Carers are requested to bring their own lunch but we provide £2.50 towards it.

If you have a specific group that needs training, or the dates or times don’t suit your needs, please let us know.

We can deliver courses on evenings and weekends and can do half-days or combine multiple topics.

Just let us know what you need.
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Caring for carers
(3 day course)

Find tools and resources to improve your wellbeing and quality of life as a carer.

Caring for carers
(1 day course)

Learn to understand yourself and explore strategies for managing and coping in your caring role.

Caring for someone with mental Illness

Help when you’re caring for someone with mental ill health – and with looking after yourself.

Caring for
Dementia carers

An introduction to understanding yourself and caring for someone with dementia

Looking at the future for Dementia Carers

Emotional and practical help around the option of care for loved-ones with dementia.

Effective communication
for carers

Learn how to communicate more effectively so that you can listen, talk and be heard.

Managing Stress
in your Caring

Learn to identify stress and anxiety. And manage it more effectively to stay healthy.


Focusing on coping strategies to help you manage your caring role.

Making time for
Art for Carers

Using art to explore your emotions and to relax.


Particpants will enjoy learning various techniques and exercises to improve writing skills.

Contingency Planning
for Carers

It’s never nice to have to consider the ‘What If?’ scenario.

Managing Grief
for carers

The experience of grief is not limited to the death of a loved one but includes a long list of issues that can cause grief.


Fantastic opportunity to attend an Introductory session to pottery delivered and hosted by Leach pottery.

Sleep Workshop

Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being.


The benefits of golf aren’t only limited to physical health , with psychological benefits including improved mood, reduced anxiety and increased confidence.


Yoga can develop strength, balance and co-ordination. Yoga has also been shown to help with anxiety, stress and depression.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Wellbeing Workshop

Carers will be able to learn about essential oils and how to make their own in order to aid wellbeing.

Wreath Making

Making a festive wreath gives you the chance to be creative, adding as much or as little material as you like.

Coastal Walking

Third Wednesday of the month starting in April 2024 in Penzance at 11am.

Courses for Dementia carers and their cared for

If you can’t leave your cared for then this is for you, bring your loved one with you.

Training Service

If you are tired of staring at a screen, Promas CIC are offering a new way of learning. Access support and find answers to questions through free one-to-one telephone guidance.