Contingency Planning for Carers

Half day course | 10:00am – 1.00pm
It’s never nice to have to consider the ‘What If?’ scenario.
It is one of those jobs that we all keep putting off but having a plan in place can save an awful lot of stress, upset, time and anxiety at a point when there is crisis, or a change in your caring role. This course will support you to look at your options and help you to pull together a well-thought-out and considered contingency plan.
Together, we’ll explore:
  • Your challenges
  • Understanding and making sense of how you feel and how the person being cared for feels
  • Emotional barriers common in trauma and grief
  • Dealing with professional appointments
  • Grief process
  • Communicating and expressing emotions
  • Coping with the unexpected
  • Resources
  • The importance of taking time out
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