Male Carers

Calling all Male Unpaid Carers!
Mens unpaid carer Project – We need you!

Are you a husband, partner, dad, uncle, nephew, brother or son?

Do you pay bills, give medicine, do laundry, give emotional support, keep

appointments, wash bodies, all on a regular basis or look after a loved one in their home? Then you’re a carer. Look at it this way, if you didn’t do what you do for that person could they manage on their own?

We would like to know what male carers want and what their needs are.

Help us provide a service/project that is designed by men for men. We need you to fill in the questionnaire, so we get it right.
What do you get?

Invitation to join the project that we will provide using this research.

What might the project be? It’s up to you to decide but could include the following:
  • Could be located in a building, but not necessarily.
  • Could involve some physical activity, perhaps work done with the hands, or it may simply be a social gathering – This could be a group of men who enjoy each other’s company.
  • You decide the activities, according to what suits the members.
  • This may not be a health programme, but participation may deliver benefits to your health.
  • This may not be an educational project but men who attend can continue to learn about themselves and their caring role.
  • The project may choose to have only male participants, or it may have female participants in some or all situations.
  • Attendance may not be fixed – but participation will improve people’s lives.

The project is in essence a group of men meeting because spending time with other men is valuable for wellbeing and will:

  • not promote particular religious or political views and will not tolerate racism, sexism, bullying, social exclusion or abuse.
  • respect and support women in all their roles.
  • be open and welcoming to men of all ages.
Got any ideas?

    Do you support someone close to you who has a physical disability, a learning difficulty, mental illness or a long-term health condition?

    We have noticed that less men attend our courses and activities than women, and we’d like to find out why. We’d also like to know what we could offer that would best work for you and for other men who are in a similar situation. All questions are optional too answer.

    1. What is your age?
    Under 1818 to 25 years26 to 50 years50 to 65Over 65

    2. Where do you live? Please tell us the name of your nearest town.

    3. Who do you look after?
    Wife/partnerSon / daughterMother / fatherOther:

    4. What disability or health issue do they have? Physical disabilityLearning difficultiesMental Health issuesLong term health condition
    please tell us more:

    5. Have you had any support as a carer up until now?
    if yes, what / who from:

    if no, is this because [tick as many as apply to you]:
    I don’t see myself as a CarerI don’t really need any supportI don’t know what is availableNone of it sounded appropriateThere isn’t anything local to meI didn’t like the sound of what was on offerI don’t have the timeI can’t leave the person I care forI couldn’t get there (transport)I wouldn’t know what to expectOther… (tell us more)

    6. What do you find most hard to manage about your caring role?

    7. Do you know what support is available to you (as a person who looks after/cares for someone)?
    I have no ideaNot reallyYesNo response/not sure

    8. We know caring for someone can be tough, what do you need? [e.g. support, activities, information, advice]

    9. What would help you to receive any type of support?

    10. Do you need to arrange cover for the person you care for if you are going out? Please tell us more:

    11. Would any of the following activities interest you? [tick as many as you wish]

    Course in Caring for Carers;


    Course in Managing stress


    Course in Communication skills


    Course in Dementia (and how it affects people)


    Course in Managing mental illness


    Course in Coping strategies


    IT e.g. online shopping, Skype, Facebook


    Making, repairing things / woodworking








    Sport (e.g. surfing, walking, football, tennis, bowls, darts)


    Art / crafts / creative writing/photography


    Social gatherings/events


    Walking group


    Social support (please indicate if this is in the home or at a different venue)


    What else would you be interested in?

    12.When would you prefer to attend activities? [Tick any that would suit you]
    Day time during the weekEvenings during the weekDaytime at the weekendNo preferenceOther:

    13. Would you prefer to attend: [Tick any that would suit you]
    One-off activitiesA series of activity sessionsOne-off social events

    14. Would you prefer to attend: [Tick any that would suit you]
    Courses with men and women attendingCourses with men and women, as long as I’m not the only manMen only coursesI don’t mind

    15. What would stop you from signing up for and attending activities?

    16. Do you have any suggestions about how we could reach more male carers?
    Where should we advertise our services, how should we word things? What do you think would help male carers to engage with our services? Any bright ideas gratefully received!

    17. What activities do you currently enjoy doing?

    18. Thinking back to a time before your caring role, how did you enjoy spending your time? [think about activities you did at home, clubs or events you attended]

    19. If you could do ONE activity now, what would it be?

    Would you like us to contact you in the future to share the findings of this research and invite you to attend the resulting project?

    Phone Number:

    If you need a questionnaire posted or emailed, please contact:

    [email protected]

    Tel – 01736 339226
    M – 07775756454

    Write to – Unit 6 Wheal Agar, Tolvaddon Business Park. Pool, TR140HX

    We can provide a stamped addressed envelope if needed.