Promas CIC meets with George Eustice MP Oct 2018

Promas CIC met with George Eustice (MP for Camborne, Pool and Hayle) to discuss the issues and challenges unpaid carers face in Cornwall and the work we are doing to support them. We were interested in discussing ways in which George could support carers in Cornwall.

George made the following comments – The key focus of their work is on helping train carers to be able to deal with the health conditions they are managing and, crucially, to teach carers how to have regard for their own wellbeing. If a carer cracks under the strain, then no one benefits. The courses are a great way of offering support to carers who can often feel isolated. Promas offers a variety of courses covering things like dementia, mental ill health and managing stress. They do a great job of making people feel welcome, important and understanding the difficulties which people experience.

George said, “We all know someone who is a carer for a loved one. Whether that someone is caring for their parents in old age or whether it is parents caring for a disabled child or, a child or young person who helps care for one of their parents in cases where they are struck by serious illness. Its great that here in Cornwall we have a company that are really making a difference to Carers and helping them get the help and support that they need.”