Promas National Success

Cornwall’s Promas CIC has taken the country by storm

A Cornwall-based Community Interest Company, famed for its award-winning free courses supporting unpaid carers, has successfully rolled out its online training to over 20 regions across the UK.

Promas Online was established in November 2018, and since then, the team have had licenses taken up by authorities and organisations across the country; from Wigan to Worcester, from Sterling to Sussex, from Bristol to Blackpool.​

The venture offers online training and support to help unpaid carers deal with the challenges they face. UK Carers Week is 8-14 June, so perfect timing for the project to become a national success.

Bernie DeLord, Director and Co-Founder or Promas CIC says, ‘Our courses can change carers lives.
Whether its managing stress, finding coping strategies, understanding dementia, caring for yourself or caring for someone with mental ill health to name but a few.

‘Our award-winning courses have been so successful in Cornwall and Plymouth that we are now offering them online to ensure that all carers can access the training, regardless of where they live or
the physical and time limits that their caring role might place upon them.’

The success had come about partly due to the current self-isolating and social distancing climate that we find ourselves in. Where people would have otherwise attended face-to-face courses, they now have the opportunity to take part in the training online.

One unpaid carer said, ‘The website is easy to navigate and the content has prompted me to see what changes I have made and what I need to focus on. With Covid-19 it has been a blessing to have the courses as I am shielding so it is good to get support. Thank you to you both for all the good work you do.’

Another carer commented, ‘I started these at the end of April. To be honest I was sceptical at first but have been surprised by how good they are. I like the voice overs and the quizzes, it has made me think about how I am managing and pointed out things I need to do more of for myself. The courses have helped me feel better and I have found them very supportive. This is the first online course I have done and I am getting so much from them.’

A new Helpline

As well as the online courses, Promas CIC have also launched a new helpline & advice service for unpaid carers in Cornwall. Between 10am-4pm (Monday to Friday), their team are manning the phones to talk and help carers with any challenges or issues they are facing.

Both ventures are being funded by The Triangle Trust, a grant making charity established in 1949 by Sir Harry Jephcott.

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