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November 2018.Promas CIC was successful in obtaining a grant from The Triangle Trust to develop national online training for carers who are unable to attend face to face training due to their caring role.

Online training is available for purchase from . It is designed to help carers manage their caring role and remain healthy.

For just £45 you will be able to access 7 courses and each year there will be more courses for you to choose from.

Workbooks to accompany the courses are also available so that carers can make notes and keep written records of how they are progressing. You can purchase these at £9.99 each. Please go to to purchase the book

Access our online training

Unpaid carers can access our courses either as individuals, or with funding from their local authority or support organisation.

All a carer needs to do is visit our website and follow simple step by step instructions. The first three courses for Caring for Carers are free for everyone, to help them understand how the courses work and how they might be helpful.

The next four courses can be accessed via a payment gateway, or by using a code provided to them by their local authority, care service or other support organisation. Once the carer has paid a small fee or used their code, they will be able to access all the courses for the following 12 months.

The courses include interactive quizzes, videos, downloads and worksheets. Our first bundle (Caring for Carers) covers the following areas:

  • Course one: What kind of carer are you?
  • Course two: How does caring affect your life?
  • Course three: Understanding and coping with challenges
  • Course four: Self care
  • Course five: How to create a healthy balance
  • Course six: Are you stressed?
  • Course seven: How to cope with stress

Followed by the second bundle ( Caring for Dementia carers) covers a wide range of topics including:

  • What is dementia, different types and key facts
  • Specific cognitive symptoms of dementia
  • Coping strategies and understanding how to respond in a positive way to someone living with dementia
  • Understanding the grief process
  • Adjusting and understanding new behaviours associated with people experiencing Dementia
  • Stress and dealing with conflict and Contingency planning

There is support for carers who are using the courses to assist should they need help logging in, lose their password etc.

Who is the Triangle Trust?

A charity named ‘The Triangle Trust’ was first proposed by Sir Harry Jephcott, the then Chairman of Glaxo pharmaceutical company, before the Second World War.

Trust deeds were finally approved, and The Triangle Trust Fund became operational in 1949. Over the years they have supported hundreds of charities working with carers, community arts, education, disability, older people, poverty, integration and rehabilitation.

However, in 2012 the Trustees decided to become more focused in their grant giving to try and make a greater impact on those they are helping. From 2013 The Triangle Trust has concentrated its grant giving in two sectors; charitable organisations working with unpaid carers and those supporting the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders.

To help make the organisations in these sectors stronger and more sustainable the Trustees introduced a Development Grant, the emphasis of which is the funding of an organisation’s core costs to support the development of a solid foundation for the future.

Promas CIC thanks the Triangle Trust for their support.

Promas Online Workbook

Our courses can be taken exclusively online, but alongside the interactive online material, our courses also come with the option of a printed workbook. The workbook contains worksheets and space for notes, tailored to the courses, so that carers can make written notes and keep a record of their progress and plans. Cost £9.99 each. Please go to to purchase the online courses and workbooks.