Online Info for Professionals

Promas CIC are a multi- award-winning organisation and have trained over 3,000 carers since 2011. The face to face training courses has produced outstanding outcomes and health gains for carers. We wanted to ensure every carer has access to training to support them in their caring role as some carers cannot leave their cared for. This is why innovative online training is essential especially to support carers who are isolated. Research shows social Isolation and not being able to leave the cared for increases the health risks to the carer and consequently could result in additional pressure on health and social care services. Promas CIC has developed two bundles of easy to access online courses to provide support to carers – ‘Caring for Carers’ and ‘Caring for Dementia Carers’.

We provide the greatest number of online courses for unpaid carers. Designed and tested with carers, our courses:

  • Are easy to access
  • Support a wide range of needs
  • Help council and NHS commissioners meet their Care Act requirements/duties
  • Allows unpaid carers to get help they need to keep caring
  • Provide support to reduce hospital admissions
  • Cost from £45 per licence, reduced the more you purchase

Why should you choose our courses?

  • Meet your Care Act responsibilities and duties
  • The greatest number of online
  • courses for carers in one place
  • Provide support to reduce hospital admissions
  • Support unpaid carers to care at home for longer
  • Written by carers for carers
  • Excellent value for money
  • Evaluations provided for you from carers you sign up covering demographics and health outcomes
  • We can deliver quality training, which is effective in sustaining a caring role

Promas CIC has trained over 3,000 unpaid carers and has excellent outcome evidence we help unpaid carers to:

  • Feel better physically and mentally
  • Carry on caring
  • Understand the condition better
  • Allow the person they are caring for to stay at home for longer
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Connect with other services
  • Choose times to do the courses without needing a carer for their cared for
  • Enjoy life again
  • Replace unhealthy coping strategies with healthy ones
  • Recognise and reduce stress

What people are saying about our course

  • ‘Easy to navigate’
  • ‘Easy to understand’
  • ‘Courses not time-consuming’
  • ‘Each course indicates the amount of time required and are very brief’
  • ‘Good for those who can’t do any workshops delivered locally’
  • ‘Thanks for letting me trial the online course. I loved it! Great video’s etc too. It was a good time to look at stress for me & make some plans too.
  • Overall, I found it fun, user friendly, clear & useful. All good,’
  • ‘The pace of spoken delivery on the videos is excellent and well matched to the graphics
  • Overall, I think this is such an exciting development for you as it is a way of reaching & supporting so many more people.’